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How to get funds for your new Startup without looking for an Investor

Kickstarter is a popular crowd funding platform. Excellent stage to endorse your product and gather financial support from crowd. Fresh projects are added every few seconds on Kickstarter. Before entering into this competitive stage some fundamental points can aid you to craft your Startup popularity.

Crowd funding platform can lend a hand to your Startup to congregate modest finance effortlessly. It embarks on a good project that people would love to support. Kickstarter is a popular platform. It provides supports to inventive projects. Few well-liked projects had managed to make around $20million approx through crowd funding. It is an enormous platform for startups that encircle ground-breaking products showcase. According to us Crowd funding would be a straightforward substitute for Seed Funding. It can kick start your startup and award with publicity in case it’s a hit. We will wrap up a small number of necessary tips to assist your startup to turn into trendy venture on KickStarter.

Key Points before starting a Kickstarter Campaign:-


Write a Story – A persuasive story is capable of influencing people more than something. Give details about your journey of Startup and your dream. Afterward introduce the product or service by the Startup.  Use this on Campaign and on Social Media. Make use of a compelling short video.


Share, Like and Tweet a lot – Before reaching Kickstarter begin with Social Media. Discover the accurate audience and target them. Look for influencers who write about the relevant product or service your startup offers. Connect with them and ask them to share your Startup information in their network. Engage and follow successful Entrepreneurs who are in the similar industry. Their mentorship can guide you in long run.


Funding Goal – Decide a fixed amount of fund you want. Plan an influential gratifying structure. Rewarding system is generally used on Kickstarter. It persuades new backers to support your project.


Community – Build a Community. A striking website can facilitate to uncover audience who are fond of your startup.  Engage them by offering newsletter subscriptions. Append Videos, Images and matter to give details of your Startup. Construct a record of people who are interested in your project and then you can contact them to once your campaign is live on Kickstarter. They will be converted into backers.


Advertising – Concluding stage to promote your Startup. Use publicity channel to reach masses. Use press kits and share them with PR. A variety of online and offline marketing channels will assist your startup to become popular prior to Kickstarter campaign.


  • Kickstarter can be a start of your funding process. It can help to shape your product or service before reaching investors.
  • The platform is backed by backers. Promoting your startup can help to encourage their assistance with assurance.
  • A booming Kickstarter campaign is capable of supporting your Startup at preliminary stages.

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