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Gati Makes Plans to Nurture Logistics Startups

Hyderabad-based Gati is eyeing the blooming startup atmosphere and has plans to undertake investments in startups belonging to the logistics sector. Gati is an express distribution and supply chains solutions company.

Since its establishment in 1989, Gati, has created waves in the Indian logistics sector. With an annual turnover of Rs.15, 273 million, this company provides its customers with excellent logistical services across numerous verticals. Gati has over 3, 100 business partners across India and its branches are alive in the top markets of Asia Pacific region and SAARC countries.

Gati, which is a publicly listed company, is also thinking about nurture and support the logistics startups by providing them guidance and consulting, and has already started engaging with prospective startups in which it will be making investments.

“Today, the start-up environment in the country is solving real business problems using technology and at a rapid pace. The budding organizations in every segment are being driven by innovation and largely utilize technology for growth and experience enhancement.” said DhruvAgarwal, chief strategist officer of Gati. He also spoke about how Gati is interacting with startups that are aligned with its business ideologies to make a strategic investment. He pointed out how these alliances would help strengthen Gati’s capability and capacity.

Agarwal also spoke about how the company will be guiding the startups and encouraging them to take advantage of it expertise and knowledge that have been chiseled over a period of 25 years. Gati will help the startups move up faster on the competitive ladder. Agarwal said that this would be a win-win situation for both the parties.



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