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Game Developers in India gets $20 Million funding through ‘9 Apps Dev’

‘9 Apps Dev’ is an accelerator created by UC Web. Indian Game Developers will be backed by a fund of $20 Million through this accelerator program.

India is home to world’s largest young population, out of which maximum number is getting tech savvy. Games are just one part of technology, which are popular amongst different age group. Game Development Industry might be small in India, but has a substantial rate of growth every year. Compared to Western countries, Indian Gaming Sector is evolving on a slow rate. As reported by NASSCOM, Gaming Industry is close to $890 million in India.

Recently, an accelerator program called ‘9 Apps Dev’ induced $20 million funding for Indian Game Developers at ‘PocketGamer Connects Conference’, in Bangalore. The program is initiated by UC Web backed by Alibaba. The news might attract many Game Developers to come up with unique ideas and seek out funds from the accelerator program. Game sales globally had crossed $6.3billion last year, which is not a number to be ignored.

Various platforms contribute to worldwide high sales. PC, Consoles and now Smartphone’s/Tablets are key players. Indian Gaming industry is also flourishing and is expected to have higher returns in the coming years. There is more scope on portable medium, as compared to PC and Consoles. Rise in Smartphones is among the major factor that has expanded the industry from hardware to portable.

For example, Angry Bird has been installed on 12 million phones/tablets. Such programs can help developers to come with many unique titles. Android has the highest stake on Smartphones till date.  The in-app purchase models can help many game developers to generate revenue with ease. All it requires to make a super hit game is an engaging creative game that can entertain masses.


  • 9 Apps Dev offers $20million funding to Indian Game developers.
  • Gaming industry in India is expected to rise by five folds in coming years.
  • The funding will help game developers in India to bring various unique titles on different platforms and generate revenue through in-app purchase model.

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