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Freight Logistics Startup Dipper Receives Angel Funding

Connecting Load Providers with Load Carriers


Delhi-based startup Dipper has raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding to further boost its operations.

Started by Suryansh Jalan and Ayush Syal in 2015, Dipper is an online platform that connects load providers with load carriers (truck and shipping companies). Given the current state of affairs of Indian freight industry, this is a step in the right direction- a win-win proposition for both the parties.

Application and Advantage

Dipper caters to the inter-city FLT (full truckload) market by bringing in large to small-sized trucking companies under one network of IoT devices. Right now logistics services in India cost more than double of the international standard cost. Why is this? It is because the domestic logistics market is so fragmented that middle-men are having a field day charging unfair commissions.

Dipper connects load providing parties with trucking companies free of commission and streamlines the freight market in the process, thus cutting the middle-man nexus.

Key features of Dipper include easy discovery of freight vehicles, best prices in market, freight tracking facility, services from only verified truckers and flexible payment options. One just need to log in to their website, enter your load details, choose from a list of most suitable service providers, and done.


Operating since January 2016, Dipper is already moving about 1500 tons of goods per month. Right now they are only covering NH-2 that connects Delhi and Kolkata. Also, Dipper boasts of having over 2500 fleet owners and 2000+ GPS-enabled vehicles, with a 40% growth in truck numbers every month. Prestigious companies like Tata Steel, Procter & Gamble and Indian Oil Corporation are among its esteemed clients.

The startup plans to use the angel funding towards reaching 30 more cities in a couple of months.


  • Dipper is an online freight logistics startup, connecting load providers with load carriers.
  • Dipper has over 2500 fleet owners and 2000+ vehicles moving 1500 tons of goods every month.
  • It removes middle-men from the equation, thus bringing down the freight costs.

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