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FoodPanda Launches Quality Check Program, Food Doctor

Is the Food Doctor Program an initiative to help the company rope in greater masses?

For the few who might not have heard of FoodPanda, the company is an on-demand free food delivery platform that caters to 4000+ Restaurants in India. Recently, the startup has launched a Food Doctor Program which aims at checking quality and hygiene standards of foods prepared at its partner restaurants.

Food Doctor Program

The Food Doctor Program (FDP) is essentially a quality compliance program that focuses on quality standards that restaurants should ethically meet. Areas covered under FDP include:

  • Kitchen operation cycles
  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Production/preparation of foods
  • Packaging of items
  • Dispatching packaged food from restaurant to customer

So basically, the Food Doctor Program will look into the entire lifecycle of a restaurant’s meals from start to finish!

Food Panda’s Ratings

The FDP will rate restaurants based on audits acquired after the intensive supervision of the restaurant’s processes. These audits will be displayed across the Foodpanda platform for customers and as well as at the restaurants.

To develop best practice guidance, Foodpanda has also roped in multiple industry experts and consultants for authentic results for the FDP certification. As per the company, these results would then be available to partner restaurants and customers on a separate portal.

Saurabh Kochhar, Co-founder & CEO, Foodpanda India comments on the new initiative, as below:

“Restaurant hygiene and quality are the biggest apprehensions in a mind of the customer today. With Food Doctor Program, we intend to bring more transparency on these aspects.”

Will quality checks and hygiene assurance help the company attract greater masses towards its services? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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