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Flocabulary distinctive educational rap podium for School Kids

Flocabulary applies a unique practice to tutor kids via rap music. It presents learning videos with appealing content contributing to improved learning aptitude.

Will it be disturbing if your children can listen to music in school while studying? Flocabulary loom with a special way to use RAP music and construct videos on School lessons. It seems Flocabulary is the only platform that is giving this service. It bid a range of educational Hip-Hop songs and videos. Targeting young generation who are die-hard fan of music, Flocabulary innovated a novel mode of teaching. It is used by more than 50,000 schools.

The platform endow with series of videos for K-12. It covers lesson under subjects like Current Events, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies & Science. Videos are neatly curated with Rap songs to teach kids in an enjoyable way. All videos and songs are available through Flocabulary website. It’s a new way to teach kids in order avoid long tedious sessions. Videos are designed well with graphics and required content. RAP song adds additional curiosity in it.

Flocabulary is a paid platform that helps schools to directly stream video in the class room. It has a trail edition for teachers and schools to test.   Flocabulary is not just limited to a website, it has intuitive UI to assist client to systematize the videos. The platform aims to merely educate with the help of music. It aid to keep students engaged and consume less time to explain a concept. Flocabulary has also conducted research showcased on their site, that how music can help kids to memorize chapters easily.


  • Flocabulary teaches children through educational videos with rap.
  • It has extensive video chapters that covered major part of K-12 syllabus.
  • Neatly curated videos guide kids to stay engage and expand improved understanding on the subject.

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