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Flappy bird flaps in more investments in Vietnam.

Flappy bird is one of the most trending phone-based games which gained international fame. It was developed in the year 2013 in Vietnam and has attracted Silicon Valley’s attention, bringing in more investment.

The country, whose capital is Hanoi, boasts of an extremely tech savvy population at that. The government is creating incentives and opportunities for Vietnamese people to follow along the lines of San Francisco. The startup scene is trying to be harnessed and developed. The government is emulating every move of the Silicon Valley to make this country the hub of technology and startups.

In fact, the government has also created and funded a group called the ‘Vietnam Silicon Valley’ that essentially aims at creating a culture for thinking, developing and dreaming in Vietnam. Like that in Silicon Valley. This is only a part of the series of steps the country has taken to ensure itself a stand in the business of technology area. It is also the Southeast Asian Centre of production for the mobile phone giant, Samsung. Several other large corporations too function from Vietnam.

Start early?

The Vietnamese students are instilled a proclivity for the computer sciences, mathematics based subjects from the very beginning. And a challenging, competitive environment is created to facilitate thinking from the very beginning.

The government also seeks to draw investors from across the world to boost the startup economy in this country.

Vietnam is a nation that is known to have a good business technology vista operating. It wants to develop its startup industry into a bigger ecosystem too. The game Flappy bird was only one of the startups in Vietnam that acquired global recognition, thus paving the way for more.


  • Flappy bird is kicking off the startup scene in Vietnam bringing in more investment.
  • Vietnam Government is trying hard to get their country secure a good position on map of business and startups.

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