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What Is Your Best Option for Debt Relief?

If debt is a major point of concern in your life and you’re struggling to make your payments, then it can be hard to imagine what things would be like without debt.The number of Canadians living under serious debt is rising throughout recent years and one recent poll found that nearly half of the participants were $200 away from insolvency – that’s just one sudden financial need or delayed paycheque away from staying afloat.

Ask any financial expert and they’ll tell you that you need to have an ample sum of cash set aside for emergencies, but the pressures of overwhelming debt often keep people from following this rule. Many of us live with debt that is made up of student loans, credit cards, and lines of credit.

When debt becomes unmanageable, you want to know where to look for help. An empathetic and knowledgeable credit counsellor from David Sklar and Associates can guide you through the choppy waters of insolvency, simply check this out – it’s an overview of what a financial professional can do for you.

If you’re in a difficult place with your finances, know that you’re not alone. You may be considering bankruptcy as a way stop the insistent collections calls from your creditors. It’s possible your wages are being garnished and you need the support of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (formerly known as a bankruptcy trustee) to help you reclaim control over your finances.

Collection Calls and Wage Garnishment

Collections agencies are known for their aggressive tactics even though government regulations limit the frequency and hour of day that a creditor can call a debtor. You could, however, be dealing with intense calls from your creditors, which compounds your stress and makes it more difficult to calmly devise a plan for debt relief.

In some cases, creditors secure a warrant for wage garnishment (the specifics of which vary from province to province). You could be seeing portions of your paycheque going straight to your creditors who have earned the right to collect until the debt is paid.

Consumer Proposals

Wage garnishment and collection calls are taxing on an individual, but the debt relief procedure of a consumer proposal in Ontario puts an end to the calls and garnishment as soon as you file. The ability to put an end to these methods of debt collection is a major benefit of consumer proposals and gives individuals (and even corporations through a division 1 Proposal) breathing room to recalibrate. Individuals who cannot repay their debt in full but have a steady income can use a consumer proposal to arrange a deal with their creditors. In many cases, consumer proposals are preferred over filing for bankruptcy because they allow for more asset protection and the process stays on your credit report for three years (bankruptcy stays for nine). There is a solution to your debt problems, you just need the right bankruptcy trustee to show you the way.

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