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Find how you can Crowd Fund your Honeymoon Vacation.

HoneyFund app offers newly married couples a platform to full fill their dream honeymoon at their dream location.

Honeymoon is a memorable holiday for newly married couples. Visiting the place of your dreams with the person you love is an overwhelming experience. Many couple around the globe plan to visit their dream destination after wedding. Lot of things can go wrong in this, lack of money being the major one. And you end up dropping that idea.

But now, there is a platform, which can help you to visit your dream destination with help of crowd funding. It is a funding process, where others pay for your honeymoon. HoneyFund is a crowd funding platform and an online wedding gift registry as well. All you have to do is register your marriage and add the cost incurred in future for the honeymoon. The amount is segregated into different costs.

Any guest can pay the amount for you. Choices available on different sections are like sightseeing, dinning, accommodation, etc. It is a service, free of cost. Upcoming marriages are listed on the site showing the choice of couples. The concept looks impressive for couples, as it provides them a helping hand to enjoy vacation with each other. After 10 years of successful operation, HoneyFund is offering a free package for second honeymoon. HoneyFund is pretty unique in the way it helps couples. Rather than providing honeymoon services, it helps them in collecting funds for their honeymoon.

On 10th Anniversary Giveaway, you can win a Second Honeymoon on a Luxury 10-Night Cruise of the French Riviera. Visit the official site for more details.


  • Crowdfund your Honeymoon via HoneyFund App. Add the place you want to visit with required expenditure. Let the world pay for your honeymoon vacation.
  • Anyone who visits as a guest can gift some amount to the couples, helping them in their vacation.

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