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From Fashion Designer to Collision Avoidance Expert, this Super Computer can do everything!!

IBM Watson designs a dress for leading high end women’s wear brand Marchesa and  is also tied up with Subaru to empower Eyesight technology on Car’s for total accident control.

How can a computer design a dress or assist car to avoid accidents? This would be a matter of disbelief who heard this for the first time that a super computer can design a dress or assist in safe driving. Called as cognitive learning, a process where through machine learning a computer can offer valuable insights. Similar to humans the ways our brain learns by acquiring knowledge with experience and thoughts all through time. This cognitive learning helps super computers to perform task similar to humans.

Recently IBM Watson, a Super Computer designed a dressed by cognitive learning. Couple of days ago it joined hands with Subaru’s EyeSight driver assistance system to control accidents. IBM Watson is a platform for cognitive business. It is programmed to pull out valuable insight from unstructured data. Cognitive learning can put super computers on next level. If it can design a dress or prevent an accident then there are many other things a super computer can handle with ease.

Marchesa is a leading NY based high end women wear brand. Recently in an experiment, IBM Watson designed a dress.  Previously it worked with Subaru’s EyeSight driver assistance system, a network of cars that share information connecting them with the control center. The system is designed to avoid accidents. IBM Watson is the primary part of system that work on analysing images and apply a collision-avoidance system through cloud. EyeSight system integrated in the car uses a camera to find pedestrians, other vehicles, and objects on the road. Keeping the drive in control and safe is primary motto.

In this way Super Computers are getting smarter to handle lot of responsibilities in the coming future. Many analytic tools are based on super computers that provide accurate data. Machine learning is contributing in making results accurate with predictions on the basis of data structure. Watch the video below to see IBM Watson work.


  • IBM Watson designed a dress recently for Marchesa & joined hand with Subaru’s Eyesight Assistance to avoid collision.
  • This cognitive learning helps super computers to perform task similar to humans.

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