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Few years ago, Alain REY (Founderof Arnano) created a revolutionary technology for long lasting data archiving :sapphire engraving. The technology is now used by industrials, and Fahrenheit 2451 is dedicated to bring it to people’s home.

Because data conservation is a real concern today: most storage devices (USB key, Hard drives, CDs/DVDs) don’t last more than 30 years and the Cloud is not as safe as it should be, synthetic sapphire with a virtually endless life and a resistance to elements, erosion and every damage of time looked like the solution. In parallel, laser engraving had become so precise, that it isnow possible to ‘print’ a huge amount of content on a very tiny disk of sapphire: it iscalled the « Nanoform ».

A 8” nanoform stores up to 10,000 documents (pictures or text pages), which are perfectly readable with any magnifying device. If we talk resolution, it’s 200,000 pixels wide – which means 30,000 megapixels!



NANO-MEDAILLON Nanoform manufacturing is mastered for perennial conservation. The technology is now well used by industrials, and it’s ready to reach the public. The Fahrenheit2451 project will allow everyone to own a personal nanoform, encapsulating their own memories. For instance, it is a virtual Nano-medaillion.


The Usage

  • A wedding gift for two newlyweds: a jewel containing all their common memories to accompany them through life.
  • A gift for a loved one, with pictures of you two engraved inside. The 1” Medallion can even be worn as a necklace or earring!
  • A unique family tree engraved in a small piece of art, with the complete genealogical tree of the family and associated document facsimiles.
  • A memorial for a loved one, with an eternal tribute to his or her life, history, and accomplishments.
  • A lifetime catalog of a writer, composer, model, photographer, collectioner… work. Engraving all of his or her work into an eternal and tiny sapphire disk is a unique opportunity.
  • A personal photo album on sapphire


The companies

ARNANO and XYALIS have been working on silicon wafers for years, usually used to engrave integrated circuits: it is a critical step in the production of high-tech devices, such as your smartphone or your computer.

ARNANO adapts microelectronic technologies to graphical applications. After years of research, the ARNANO team developed and patented, with the CEA, a technology used to engrave synthetic sapphire. ARNANO was founded in 2009 and is a well-known supplier of “art pieces” for luxury watch industry.

XYALIS is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company, which offers software tools in the area of Design for Manufacturing. XYALIS was founded in 1998 and is one of the world leaders in its domain.

The founders

Alain REY

Alain REY is the founder of ARNANO. Alain is an experienced team and project managerin R&D and manufacturing. His experience was acquired in large industrial groups and start-ups (Thomson, Thales Avionics, Silmag) as well as in technological research with the CEA. Alain also has a good experience in industrializing technologies transferred from CEA / LETI and from other companies like IBM or ONERA. Alain is the inventor of the nanoform and the owner of the patents regarding sapphire engraving.


Farid BENZAKOUR is co-founder of XYALIS and is Global Operations Director in charge of business development. Farid has experience in microelectronics software development, business development and marketing for more than 25 years.He is the founder of the Fahrenheit 2451 project.



The team

Fahrenheit 2451’s team is a multidisciplinary team of 12 persons working in Grenoble, the “French Silicon Valley”, comprised of engineers, business and communication professionals.


The Author

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