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How Facebook reaches you in remote places?

Fluorescence is the answer!

How it works?

Recently, Facebook published a research paper which explains how Laser beam technology can deliver up to 2Gbps of internet access to remote places. Facebook’s in-house Connectivity Lab shows the use of Fluorescence optical fibers, which are capable of collecting light instead of conventional optics. Since the fibers don’t emit the same color that they are absorbing, you can shine a brighter light and it manages a quick turnaround time under 2 nanoseconds. When combined with multi-stream data encoding, you receive sufficient bandwidth for Wi-Fi and wired networks.

This renowned social network is still researching on ways to easily ship laser internet hardware with the help of this technology. Facebook managed this technology with readily available materials that weren’t even meant for the purpose. The company is expecting that other organizations, which can produce better infrared-based system which might be able to hit over 10Gbps.


  • Facebook uses laser beam technology to deliver high speed internet access.
  • Facebook is researching on more ways to transfer laser internet hardware through the laser technology.

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