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Entrepreneurial lessons to be learned from the Noble Men and Women of Game of thrones!

Game of throne’s 6th session is out and fans are apprehensive to watch the fate of all major characters in it. Most of all, its Jon Snow, whose fate they are interested in. Will he be brought back to life? Is he dead for real? Will he turned into a White walker? Keeping that aside, we have enlisted some of the lessons you can learn from Jon snow and many other characters, in The Game of Startups.

1.jon snow

Jon Snow:  Break the hierarchy. You need not to be an ace player to win the game. Though fruitful advices and mentorship are needed factors, be brave and go ahead to challenge the very best startups in your genre. This is acceptable in the circumstance when, you have already gathered experience from others’ mistakes, you have diverse and original ideas for your startup and you have amazing leadership skills.

2.daenerys targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen: Build a strong and trustworthy team. Dany has been saved by numerous life threats, only because, she is always surrounded by reliable people like Ser Jorah Mormont, Daario Naharis, Ser Barristan, Grey Worm, Missandie and obviously her Dragons. Success of your startup hugely depends on how passionate and dedicated your team is towards the startup’s success.

3.tyrion lannister

Tyrion Lannister: Be respectable. As Tyrion’s house words say “A Lannister always pays his debts”, don’t ever forget to return favors to your friends or enemies, for that matter. Once you enter the market, making connection becomes crucial. You can ask for aids like funds, accelerators or mentorship, once you have a strong hold in market. But make sure that you return this favors by means, to retain those connections and maintain shape your reputation as reliable and respectable.


Petyr Baelish: Grab any imaginable opportunity that knocks on your door. Be like Petyr Baelish, who does not disappoint any opportunity that comes his way and implement it for his development. You have to be quite cunning while tackling your competitors aiming to seize the very chance you need. If you don’t get any break, create a situation which brings you with loads of opportunities.


Arya Stark: Go ahead and explore. You start with being a bit apprehensive. But once you are properly settled, you should not shy away from exploring other options to expand your startup. Take some risky steps which not always ensure your success, but are still capable of attaining something for your startup. Make sure not to lose vision, like Arya!


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