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Endless Robotics raised $100,000 from Angel Investors in seed funding


Endless Robotics an Indian startup that offer automated paint technology service raised $100,000.

Robots would be next generation of machines. Smart, strong and capable of doing more work in less time. Robotics startups are quiet few, among which Endless Robotics a Hyderabad based company raised $100,000. The startup will be using the funds to strengthen team for better work operations, product development, training, etc. Robotics is an India startup that recently raised funds from Angle Investors.

Currently the company offer services that make use of robots in the construction and real estate. The startup product base includes automating painting technology. The company claims in using an advanced spray painting technology that can offer performance lot faster than traditional hand painting. But keeping the service cost effective and affordable. Co-founder Srikar Reddy states that robots would be the part of our everyday life in future.

Robotics can help to solve various problems that modern day home and office deals with it can provide better fundamentals to the constructions sector and maintain personal/commercial infrastructure. Endless Robotics will also utilize the funding in order to makes its product better, increasing and empowering the team to facilitate its business.  Hiring and training personals who can efficiently manage the service.

Robotics is a challenging sector. Requires efforts, skills and innovation. The booming technology do support a lot here letting consumers and business to have machine’s that can provide valuable work solutions. Startup’s like Endless Robotics can ease a lot of things in coming time.


  • Endless Robotics raised $100,000 from Angle Investors in seed fundings.
  • The company provides advance automated paint technology to house and offices.
  • The company aims to use the funding in product development, hiring professions, and strengthen the team.

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