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Employees At A Good Position Are Quitting Big Companies To Start Their Own Startup

In the recent times, India Inc has witnessed many senior-level executives quitting their jobs in big companies to venture out and start their own startups.

In March earlier this year, Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori left Flipkart to join hands to launch their startup. They have plans to launch an app to cater to the healthcare requirements and sports and fitness services too.

In May, later on, the Chief Product Officer of Snapdeal, Anand Chandrasekaran quit his job with the intention of launching his own startup. Before his short one-year stint at Snapdeal, Chandrasekaran worked at Airtel, Yahoo and Openwave. Chandrasekaran has also invested in many Indian startups, including Innerchef, Pluss, Aisle, and CREO.

What are the reasons that prompt employees to leave their high profile and fat paying jobs to launch their own ventures?

Let’s try to comprehend them:

Breaking the shackles

Let’s be honest, it does not matter how cool your corporate office is, working within the corporate environment has its own boundaries and restrictions. Most high-level executives often have an independent entrepreneurial streak in them, which is what eventually makes them so good at their jobs. But when this streak needs its full expression, it can only be achieved when they are their own boss.


Making their own time

A regular 9-to-5 job is safe and it is wise to keep one, but there comes a point where you wish to use your time wisely for other pursuits. Entrepreneurship, combined with work experience can make it easier to start your own business and have better control over your time.

Increasing your earnings

Your salary when working under someone is fairly restricted, and you may feel as if you are not earning to your full potential. When you are the boss, you have a bigger share in the profit, commensurate with your efforts and success. You exchange the safety of a regular salary and pension for the dream of making it really big.


Making a mark in the world

Another incentive for entrepreneurship is the chance to leave a permanent mark in the lives of many. As a high-level executive in a company, you don’t always get due credit for your initiatives, but when you are at the helm, not only do people recognize you, you also take on more responsibility towards making yourself successful.


Giving wings to you ‘non’-traditional ideas

Not all unconventional ideas will have a chance to see the light of day. So when you have an idea that you are passionate about, something offbeat, a little out of the box, an unexpected solution to an age-old problem, then you have to take up the reigns and see that idea through to execution. It might be difficult to find believers early on, but you will if you believe in yourself enough to start on your own.

Learning new things

Everyone is driven deeply by a sense of curiosity, to find out how things work or what would happen if they did this instead of that. Entrepreneurship is a good learning experience. You not only accept liability for your idea, but also for others.


You might have to assume different roles, that of an engineer, accountant, marketer, investor, etc. all at once. The challenge itself is the reward for some.

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