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DIRTT’s ICEreality Is Integrating VR With Interior Designing

ICEreality Is Taking Interior Designing To The Next Level

The Future is Here

Imagine a reality where you exactly know how your room will look like after installing furniture and other elements.

Calgary, AB based company DIRTT Environmental Solutions have come up with ICEreality, a configuration and manufacturing software, to do just that. The software uses a mix of virtual reality (VR) and actual reality (AR) to show clients how their offices will look and feel like once they install all the interior elements into the room. Their aim is to facilitate interior designers and architects to create the right kind of interior space as per their client’s needs.

The Thought Process Behind It

DIRTT provides the next level, flexible interior designing solutions, with focus on minimizing effect on the environment.

ICEreality is a cloud-based software that starts with providing you the blueprint of a space. It then moves onto digitally integrating the furniture and other elements selected by you into the room and shows you a mixed reality video of the same. What you see are the built-to-scale models of sofas, tables, window panes, etc for a better judgment of what is working and what is not.

One can then tweak the design of each element as per the need. Once the elements have been finalized, DIRTT brings in the exact prefabricated components to install in the room.

ICEreality can be used with VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It can also be simply used on mobiles and tablets.


  • DIRTT’s software ICEreality uses VR to give a virtual tour of the room.
  • One can tweak the design and measurements of each element in the room as per need.
  • The software is now in its beta phase.

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