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A Device That Makes Cooking Fire Useful To Your Phone Battery

Spark of a Bright Future in Sustainable Energy!

In this age of digitalization, living without a phone has become nearly impossible. Life, today totally revolves around a phone. Especially, when you have one and you find its battery to be drained out completely, you start getting panic attacks looking out for a plug point to charge your phone.

Those particularly living in the rural areas having no access to electricity at homesand have to walk miles to get their phonescharged can relate. Inorder to provide a solution to this problem, University of Washington-based startup, JikoPower has taken birth.

So what’s the solution?

JikoPower says that it has come up with a solution named, The JikoPower Spark. The JikoPower thermoelectric Generator captures wasted heat from a cook stove or fire and turns it into electricity to charge cellphones, LED lights, and other small devices. In simple words, this device is built to survive your greatest adventure or the wear and tear of everyday use.

How does it work?

As per reports, the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy device includes a flat module that generates electricity when there’s a significant temperature difference between its two sides.

As per reports, the JikoPower Spark utilizes a flange-like metal probe that sticks out to one side. This probe is inserted between the flames of a cooking fire and the bottom of a cooking pot. As the fire heats the probe, heat travels down it and beneath the thermoelectric module, warming its underside. A reservoir of water located above the module, meanwhile, keeps its top side relatively cool. The resulting temperature difference (even if the water in the reservoir is brought to a boil) is enough to generate an electrical current of 2 to 5 watts.From there, users simply plug their phone or other device into the Spark.

About the startup, JikoPower

                                      Current status and their recent developments

Reportedly, the Ryan Ahearn-led startup foresees their invention to give birth to new rural entrepreneurs; as people could easily make money by selling charging time to members of their community. It was also reported that the prototypes of this invention were recently tested in Kenya and Uganda. And they were successfully able to fully charge a phone within two hours. All thanks to JikoPower!

Additionally, the company has planned to sell their device to people in developing countries, like Kenya and they look really interested to work with NGOs or grant organizations to run pilots, and subsidize/distribute the JikoPower Spark in the future specially to areas where they have massive requirement of their invention.

Will The JikoPower Spark work in a developing country like India having the largest rural population? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below:

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