Devanshi Kejriwal and Dhvanil Sheth: The Visionaries Behind Skillmatics

In the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Maharashtra, two passionate entrepreneurs, Devanshi Kejriwal and Dhvanil Sheth, set out on a journey to transform the way children learn and play. They are the founders of Skillmatics, a company that creates educational games for preschool and primary school children. Founded in 2016, Skillmatics has grown into a leading force in the field of children’s education, employing 11-50 dedicated professionals and securing $7,419,353 in funding across two rounds from two key investors: Sequoia Capital India and the Jalaj Dani Family Office.

The story of Devanshi Kejriwal and Dhvanil Sheth’s entrepreneurial journey is one of innovation and a deep commitment to nurturing young minds. Their idea for Skillmatics was born from a desire to make learning a fun and engaging experience for children. With the recognition that traditional educational methods often fall short in capturing a child’s imagination, Devanshi and Dhvanil set out to create games that would stimulate young minds and facilitate holistic learning. They aimed to bridge the gap between play and education, transforming learning into an enjoyable adventure.

Skillmatics’ educational games are designed to cover a wide range of subjects, from math and language to geography and science. These games provide children with an interactive and hands-on approach to learning, helping them develop critical skills, creativity, and a love for exploration. The founders of Skillmatics believe that a solid educational foundation early in life is vital for a child’s growth and development.

Devanshi and Dhvanil’s journey also exemplifies social entrepreneurship, as their work has far-reaching implications for childhood education. Skillmatics’ approach to making learning a fun and enjoyable experience contributes to a child’s development in a profound way, setting the stage for future success. Their commitment to education aligns with the greater good of society by nurturing the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

Devanshi Kejriwal and Dhvanil Sheth’s work with Skillmatics showcases how visionary entrepreneurs can address critical educational challenges and make a significant impact on children’s development. Their journey is a powerful demonstration of the fusion of innovation, dedication, and social entrepreneurship, where business success is intertwined with the betterment of society. In a world where education is a cornerstone of progress, the work of Devanshi and Dhvanil serves as an inspiring example of entrepreneurship that benefits children, families, and society as a whole.

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