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Dear Modi Sarkar, Start Up India Is Superb But What About Rural Entrepreneurship ?

The NDA government, that came to power with assurance to cut red-tapism, in order to pursue to re-invent India’s business-friendly image , that has so far placed itself as one of the 40 ‘least’ beneficial countries in the world for starting enterprises. Although the start up India announcement has caught the imaginations of Urban India- hope of rural entrepreneurship remained forgotten.

In a basic study performed over four states, for the Niti Aayog, Pratham expectedly found government jobs remain the holy-grail for low income youth.  However, about 70% of the respondents from rural  and semi-urban areas pursued to become ‘self employed’ entrepreneurs , in distinct contrast to their urban counterparts , for whom entrepreneurship was least hope.

From ages almost all the rural workforce has been involved in only two professions i.e farming and casual labour and in both of these the individuals have have the freedom to choose their own schedules and methods. With some or no, education these adolescents have very fewer restrictions on their actions or time, making formal sector employment unattractive.

But most important is that the mentor for these young men and women is always being entrepreneurs- it can be the ‘construction thekedars’ (or contractors) handling a large team of labourers and living a good life or may be a small shop owner being the centerpiece of the village.

Additionally, the lack of attentiveness about opportunities available and expertise required to break into these organized sector jobs makes the entry of this sector almost impractical.


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