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Cut The Start-ups Some Slack- Why Young India Needs To Plan Better?

Every other day, the papers and the web brings to me stories that glorify the wonder of start-ups. Start up culture seems to be like the sparkly celebration drinks that we all enjoy and taste off but are never really too sure of making a sustained favorite. Have you ever wondered if all start-ups are actually bound to be successes? Surely, with a seed fun having tumbled in, revenues models etched perfectly and a thorough team of experts at the helm, starts ups seems prepped up to go great guns. In addition, we have bug hopes pinned on start-ups that might not even materialize.

Looking Beyond The Glaze Of Start-ups In India

Without the numbers and the figures or the sheen coating a start-up tale, in my opinion, start-ups in India need to watch their step. It is not everyday that a start up might click. For every big start-up story, there are fifty failures that go unnoticed. Sometimes the same founders are pickled so deep that they look for new inroads to their initial start-up establishment.

To success as a start-up there is much more involved that just investment and models. To begin with, the idea of why and how you will formulate the start-up journey needs to be clear in the head if you are a founder. From personal interactions and working experiences, it is natural that I deduced most start-ups fail after their first two rounds of funds fizzle out. That makes me think what were these start-ups in business for? After all, if I had to set up business and let it go bust, why would I ever take pain to set this up?

What’s The Real Deal?

The problem with most young Indian founders of start-ups is that they bite more than they can swallow. Yes, the lucrative-ness of an idea getting venture capital or angle investments let them get seduced. Practically, they feel there is nothing to lose. Armed with degrees and experience and finally capital, the going begins well. Then again, nobody thinks of planning a sustainable solution. It all goes well for a couple of years and the, even before you know, you get to see those layoffs.

A major lack of a response system to the business ideas also cripples the steady growth of start-ups in India. Sure, our government is all empowering and encouraging of these start-ups but the founders need to know that what works for the US might ever actually work for India. The problem lies in building a sustainable busies model rather than a business model.

The method to succeeding at making a start-up work and especially the culture for start-ups in India to sustain is much more than investing and analysing. The thumb rule of the start-up genre is the same as basic businesses. Invest, think, plan and gear up—for the best and the worst. Unless you have that daring attitude towards starting up, you might just remain an upstart instead of a bright start-up!


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