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Creo raised $3 million and will soon release Mark 1 Smartphone


Creo will release one new device very month. The latest release is Mark 1 Android Smartphone whose specs are yet not revealed.

Creo promises to release a new phone every month under affordable price range. This Indian startup has raised $3 million in funding and is going to release a few phones soon. The first Smartphone is Mark 1. The startup is performing pretty well, and yet they are into process to deliver the device in market. Mark 1 looks like a promising model but yet we don’t know much about it. India is one of the largest consumer markets in the world. Consumer electronics is a broad market today.

Thanks’ to ecommerce that further play a key role in sales. Mark 1 is the first device that Creo will release, but the hardware specification is not revealed yet. With this the price factor also matters. Through hardware it will be easier for us to simply compare how the device will be able to picture interest of buyers. The latest android edition is Android Marshmallow which is not 100% rolled out on all devices. But new phones are coming with the new update. There is an introductory video on the site that shows the device model. A phablet type of phone with decent screen quality.

Founded by Sai Srinivas, Creo is does not want to compete the race of hardware. Many Chinese firms are introducing device with high end hardware and budget price. In order to overvalue their product against the competition, Creo will have to come up with something unique.  In India the price factor plays a vital role. Just recently launched Freedom251 was one of the most overhyped models in the market. But the company failed to deliver the product.


  • Creo is a India startup that raised 3 million
  • Creo will soon release Mark 1 Android Smartphone
  • The company is planning to release 1 Smartphone very month.

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