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Creators of Siri unveil avant-garde ‘Viv’, a Virtual Assistant

In future we will see superior Virtual Assistant to manage our everyday routine and remind us about the things we don’t remember.

Siri, a virtual assistant was introduced in Apple devices long back. This technology helps users to do automated tasks just by talking to the smartphone. Less effective due to technical challenges, a virtual assistant requires being smarter to understand the needs and requirements of a user.

Siri can perform a variety of tasks when commanded by the user, like setting alarm, putting the phone on silent, etc. Despite its ample  number of  efficient qualities, it was not a happening feature for the users. An accurate virtual assistant can ease life by doing lots of tasks automatically. Thus, the creators of Siri have unveiled new and advance virtual assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is capable of understanding commands by users and offering accurate results.

The company is based in California and from past three years working on making ‘Viv’, the best Virtual Assistant, which is not limited to the Smartphone. The platform will be broader so that Viv can assist many through various modes. The Startup aims to unify a single interface to assist users in tackling various tasks with simple commands. AI technology will make Viv  much smarter in understanding the user and answer with accurate solutions via learning.

Viv would be the next generation Virtual Assistant not just limited to making the common task but to manage something grander. Similar to a smart operating system showcased in the movie ‘Her’, designed for users consent to interact and perform daily task. Viv might be the real version coming up soon. Viv has raised $30 Million in overall 3 rounds of funding till date.


  • Viv will be the next generation Virtual Assistant, something smarter than Siri.
  • It is created by those who developed Siri, a smart assistant service for Apple Devices.
  • Viv is powered by Artificial Intelligence to understand users’ queries in better way and provide accurate solutions.

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