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Creating the perfect Forex day trading strategy

The aggressive traders are often referred to as the scalpers. Scalpers usually place the trades in the lower time frame and aim for big profit by trading the market in big volume. But scalping strategy might not suit the conservative investors. They will get freaked out after losing big orders and quit trading. But some of the traders can’t use the conservative trading and scalping method. To them conservative trading strategy is boring and scalping is too much aggressive. For the day trading strategy is the perfect option. Many profitable traders in Hong Kong using this technique to make a consistent profit. Traders on invexeo Let’s learn to day trade the market in 4 easy steps.

Step 1, develop your skills

Before you start day trading the market, you have to develop your skills. Most of the time it becomes hard for the naïve traders to focus on the basics. They start focusing on the complex trading method and even uses other’s trading strategy. By doing so they are risking their career. You have to understand the importance of psychological factors in trading. Based on mentality, you have to develop a unique strategy. In day trading, you can’t afford to place any trade with gut feelings. Emotions or random placement of the trade results in huge losses. Learn about the technical analysis so that you can find the sweet spot in the advanced trading platform. Think about the chart pattern as it helps you to trade the major reversal. Getting a proper education in the technical sectors will greatly improve your profit-making skills.

Step 2, create a draft plan

You have to create a draft plan which will show you the perfect way to look for the signals in the trading platform. Demo trading the market is not going to work unless you have a draft plan. You have to demo account and trade the market based on the draft strategy. After losing a few trades try to find the faults in your strategy. Though it’s a very time-consuming process, it’s the only option for the day trader. Being a day trader, your strategy should have the ability to filter at least 5 trades per day. If you find fewer signals, you are no longer going to be a day trader. Your strategy will be considered as a position or long term trading strategy. So, focus on your draft plan and slowly covert into your prime strategy.

Step 3, try to make a profit in demo

After you develop a basic strategy, you should try to make a profit in the demo account. Having the ability to make a profit in the demo account will boost your confidence level. Most of the time the traders find it hard to stick to the demo environment. They quickly switch the real account and start making tons of mistakes. But as a currency trader, you can’t afford to do that. If you do so, you should not trade Forex. Developing your patience level is one of the biggest challenges. Unless you can trade the market in a demo environment for at least six months, you don’t deserve to trade the real market. Though you can start trading with real money but never expect good results like a day trader.

Step 4, fine-tune your strategy

All-day traders need to revise their trading strategy regularly. If you fail to keep pace with the changes in this market, your strategy will become obsolete and you will no longer make a profit. Being a day trader, you must have the ability to make a quick decision at any market condition. And for that, your strategy must be well prepared. Start to bring positive change to your day trading strategy in every 4 months. By doing so, you can also boost your confidence level. And keep on learning new things about the Forex market as it helps you to make a better decision.

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