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Cool Smart Devices to Get for Your New Home

When you buy a property, you may think that you’re set and ready to enjoy it: but technology can take that enjoyment so much further. The main goal of technology is to help people lead easier lives, so why not allow it to help your home become automated to handle everything you need?

These are the top smart devices every modern home needs, and why they’re such good choices.

A Bluetooth Speaker Assistant

We’ve all heard of Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices: but did you know that you can set a network of them up in your home, and either device can work as an intercom if you need it to? This is awesome for houses with two floors or properties that are spread out widely across a large plot of land. Although it’s nice to be able to listen to your music wherever it’s even better to be able to use every other tool these devices offer.

A Smart Thermostat

When shoppers look at Manhattan real estate, most will tell you they’re not considering any properties that haven’t been updated with modern touches. One of the most obvious of these that should be in every property is a smart thermostat. These devices allow you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world and set up schedules for them to run at specific times and certain days. This can severely lower your monthly bill while keeping you comfortable.

A Doorbell Camera System

More Americans feel nervous in their homes than ever before. A doorbell camera system can ensure that your home is as safe as possible while altering intruders that they shouldn’t try to attack your home since it’s secured.

These can also ensure that you can answer your door even if you’re not home by alerting you when someone’s arrived and allowing you to talk via a speaker to them.

A Smart Garage Opener

Although you may not think it at first blush: a smart garage opener is a must for everyone. These doors include a sensor that connects to your wifi. This means you can open your garage from anywhere, make sure it’s closed even if you’re thousands of miles away, and that you’ll be alerted if anyone tries to get in while it’s locked. This is a great tool for anyone who has a security system already and wants to extend it out to their garage.

Smart Light Bulbs

Electricity bills are one of the most stressful things people deal with every month since they often fluctuate wildly, and there’s no way to guarantee they’ll be affordable and cheap. If you’re cautious about updating your home to ensure you can save some money, it’s a good idea to get smart light bulbs. The nice thing about them is that you can set times that they turn off and on, and many even change hues on command.

Your Home’s IQ Can Be as High as its Value

If you’re ready to boost your home’s IQ, it’s important to go ahead and pick items that will help make your life easier. Consider some of these items, and your home will keep you comfortable at all times.

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