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Conversation with Kanika Subbiah, Founder, Wedding Wishlist

No More Irrelevant, passed-on Marriage Gifts

Chennai-based Wedding Wishlist is a first-of-its kind wedding gift registry service where the bride and groom can make a wishlist of what gifts they would like, and they can also select a price range for those gifts. This ensures that the guests don’t end up bringing useless gifts.

Startup-Buzz Media recently got a chance to interact with Kanika Subbiah, Founder. Read on.

Ques. Why something like Wedding Wishlist?

Analyzing the immense gap that exists between gifts received and gifts desired at weddings by the couple, I thought of creating a one-stop destination for prospective couples and their guests to create a single platform where couples can decide: What they want? How they want it? Where to send it? And thus was born the unique model of

We see a huge potential under this sector.

As we know Indian Weddings today are getting bigger and more planned, there is one crucial element that seems left open to the guests and that is ‘the choice of gift’. Hence, we see a huge potential in this sector, which is vastly untapped. This concept is apt for today’s digitally savvy India, who are receptive to the idea along with the ease, flexibility, relevance, practicality and accessibility it offers.

In a world where people prefer practical over bizarre, Wedding Wishlist offers prospective couples in India, a way to start their married lives with gifts and experiences that they not only need, but will also treasure for a lifetime. Friends and family will also be able to take pleasure in knowing that their gift is functional yet unforgettable.

Ques. Tell us about your personal inspiration behind the idea.

Kanika Subbiah at an Event

The idea took birth when a friend shared her experience of receiving irrelevant and duplicate gifts at her wedding; an experience most newlyweds in India will relate to. During my stay in the US, I saw the concept of wedding registries firsthand; the benefits were compelling – gifting was extremely easy and relevant. Every wedding I attended had a wedding registry built by the couples. Eighty-nine per cent of all weddings in the US have a registry.


Ques. What was the users’ ‘initial’ reaction to it? Were they apprehensive, surprised, or instantly happy?

Wedding Wishlist bridges this unsaid need of gifting sensibly in the most practical, cool, fun and relevant way.

It has been an interactive and engaging journey with each of our customers so far. There is an unexpressed need and Wedding Wishlist bridges this unsaid need of gifting sensibly in the most practical, cool, fun and relevant way.

Most of all prospective couples in India acknowledge that gifts they receive barely reflect their taste or sensibilities. However with a concept like Wedding Wishlist, they are assured of what they receive from their wedding guests and further on options like managing RSVP’s, thank you cards, trackers their gifts etc. seamlessly complete the pre-wedding and post-wedding experience. Couples who have used Wedding Wishlist are influencing their friends, family and loved ones to make this cultural shift and it is heartening to see them as our active goodwill ambassadors, paving the way to not just a trend but a valuable necessity. We are different in the way we make life easier for busy couples. Couples can easily control when their gifts are shipped, mark items as group gifts and also give us feedback on gifts they would like to receive which may not feature on our portfolio

Ques. Your recent reality TV-like ad film got quite some attention. Tell us about how the idea came and what happened next.

The idea stemmed from a desire to express the quintessential bad gifting syndrome that exists at all weddings much to the dismay of the newlyweds.

Gifts received by couples include the redundant, recycled, irrelevant and tacky that often leave a bad taste in the mouth. This short video captures the essence of wedding gifting dilemma with elements of humor and entertainment that are vividly expressed by the gift inspector scanning each gift and giving feedback to guests. It brings to light the kind of gifts couples receive from their wedding guests, as well as the fact that most guests are at a loss for what to give to the couple so they resort to recycled and redundant gifts. Digital video, content, social experiment all wrapped in one film provides viewers food for thought and questions the traditional norms and gifting ideas. Bad gifts are a reality of Indian Weddings and the only way to get the right gifts one wishes for, is to create a Wishlist!


Ques. Tell us about your marketing strategy. What else are you doing apart from the ad films?

Our marketing strategy is focused on a healthy mix of online and offline marketing initiatives – robust digital communication and ground events. A message that is expressive, fun and interactive, and delivers its point to our target audience is what we aim for.

Ques. Shine some light on your success stories.

Wedding Wishlist is still new. Since our launch a few months back, we have delivered fantastic gifting experiences to a few couples. Read their love stories here.

Ques. We have often seen such services abroad. Do you have competition in India yet? And if yes, what are you doing to stay ahead?

Team Photo
The Wedding Wishlist Team

The concept in itself is the biggest USP & driving force, considering there has been no attempt in the wedding gifting space in India thus far.

With a wishlist that is simple to create, guests can choose gifts that fit their budget, and even choose to gift together, ensuring that each gift is meaningful, unique and cherished by the couple. This is the key value proposition of Wedding Wishlist, a distinct wedding service in the Indian market. Couples can also choose to create their unique wedding website, manage RSVP’s and even send out ‘Thank You’ cards to their guests through Wedding Wishlist.

Additional services available to couples by Wedding Wishlist include – unique & personal page for every couple; RSVP management; thank you cards; and personalized services from our concierge experts.

Moreover, the online wedding gift market in India remains fragmented and disorganized. Wedding Wishlist is the first attempt to cater to the growing population of young prospective couples, both of who are working, well-travelled and are exposed to the concept of wedding registries and for such individuals, this is the need of the hour. An app will soon be launched in the coming months to lend additional value & ease to our customers.

Ques. Any new platform features coming soon?

Wedding Wishlist mobile app will feature shortly.


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