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In Conversation With Doron Tal, Founder Of “Articoolo”

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The key to success with your startup is to be agile.

Founded in 2014 end, the Israeli startup, Articoolo has developed a content writing robot that can generate a unique, plagiarism-free article on any topic. All you have to do is describe the article in two-five words; as in what you wish to incorporate in the content. Also, you need to mention the number of words. It can generate maximum 500 words. Select amongst the options ‘better readability’ or ‘enhanced uniqueness’; whichever you prefer. Click on the ‘create’ button.

Within no time, Articoolo will generate an original and readable article. The keywords are extracted from the sources.

What’s the Buzz?

The idea behind developing a content writing robot is to change the perception of content. Usually, content acts as a significant block in various industries.  Your content is the heart of digital marketing. Hence, Articoolo becomes your helping hand in digital marketing.

Q & A Session with Doron Tal

 Ques. Must say, the name ‘Articoolo’ is quite different and attractive. Why this name?

Ans. It’s a combination of the words “article” and “cool”, which is what our algorithm does – provides a cool way to easily create the unique article.

Ques.From where did the idea of creating a ‘Content Writing Robot’ come from?

Ans. We are a group of mathematicians, computer scientists, content writers and marketing experts with one vision – inventing the future of content creation.

Although each one of us comes from a different background, we all understand that automation is about to step into the breach and take over content creation, as it has done in so many other fields. Since we couldn’t find an existing solution, we decided to develop one.

Ques. Don’t you think Articoolo is a direct competition to human content writers and it can affect their jobs badly? So, what are your views on it?

Ans. Absolutely not! We never claimed that our goal is to replace human writers. Instead, we are aiming at helping writers do their job quicker and more efficient. Using Articoolo one can save about 90% of the time and effort it would take to write an original article. It will do the research for you, will gather resources, combine them into a coherent new piece and completely rewrite it. You will only have to proofread it and add a personal view if you like. The cost of using our tool is so low that it is almost a no-brainer.


Qualified Team Of Articoolo
Qualified Team Of Articoolo


Ques.Would you like to share some of your achievements with our readers?

Ans. Our biggest achievement was the fact that we succeeded executing our vision and developed an algorithm that writes articles, simulating a real human writer. Since, we launched our pilot, a few months ago, we’ve had tens of thousands of users experiencing our technology and an amazing rate of users became paying customers. We’ve also started pilots with few giants from the affiliate marketing and native advertising industries.

Ques. What is the next level of Artificial Intelligence? Where can it go from here?

Ans. It is endless. So many things that we thought only humans can do will be done by machines in the future. For example, driving. My 1-year-old son will probably not understand the meaning of a “driving license” when he is 16.  The tricky part is how to use AI in real life already today and how to turn it into a practical application.

Ques. What challenges have Articoolo faced during the budding stage? How did you deal with them?

Ans. One of the most difficult parts of our development was to “teach” the algorithm how to use English so it will be able to combine paragraphs from different resources or rephrase a sentence without damaging its meaning.

Ques. How is your startup getting funds? Or have the revenue already started flowing in?

Ans. We raised some pre-seed funds from a local incubator and we are doing a bigger round these days.

Ques. Enlighten us about the Israeli startup ecosystem. Is Israel a perfect startup hub or is it just a myth?

Ans. The success of Israel in the field of technology is influenced by many factors that have created over the years a perfect ground for innovation. The main pillars of startup nation ecosystem are probably: IDF (Israel Defense Force), academic centers, the government policy and the high-tech industry itself.
But above all, it is the Israeli culture that encourages risk taking, casual attitude toward rules and regulations and little respect for imposed authority, which are important ingredients for innovation.

Ques. Currently, what is the status (in terms of growth, funds & working model) of your startup?

Ans. We are in the middle of negotiation regarding a funding round. We started seeing income lately and it will increase significantly during next year.

Ques. What marketing strategies do you adopt?

Ans. We haven’t really started to market our product. At the moment, we count on word of mouth and some reviews and publications we had.

Ques. Our readers would like to know about some key lessons learnt in this flowering stage.

Ans. The most important thing: listen to your users and follow their usage habits to learn how to improve your product.

Ques. Any future plans to expand your startup beyond Israel?

Ans. Most of the clients in the pilot we are running are from Asia (India, Indonesia, Philippines etc.) and the US. Geography has almost no meaning in a business such as ours.

Ques. Three things that you would like to address to the aspiring tech startupreneurs.

Ans. Great technology is not enough; you need to find a way to monetize it.

People are not stupid. If you don’t provide added value or innovative solution, they will not come.

The key to success with your startup is to be agile.

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