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Connect with Your Pet with This Gadget Guide

Technology is a boon for the present times and taken for granted expectation for the future. Interestingly, technology now is not only restricted to humans. So, if you love your pets and want to take care of them to the fullest extent, you can now invest in some tech gadgets specially designed for pets! Surprised? Yes, there is a whole range of gears available for your furry friends now. Whether you want to keep a tab on their daily activities or keep them fit, these gadgets can help and can make pet care fun and effortless for you.

Here is a list six coolest gadgets to keep your pets safe and healthy:


The basic tech gadget that any pet owner wants to have is a pet tracking device. Canary is known for its efficient monitoring systems and its pet monitoring device keeps an eye on your pet. With Canary, you can know when they are out for food when they are attended by the dog walker, and even when they might need your help. You can also monitor temperature, air quality, and humidity and ensure the climate is perfect for your lovable pet.canary

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Some pets are really notorious and they tend to run away irrespective of the boundaries. And, trying to track a lost pet is definitely no walk in the park. So, that’s where Whistle comes to ease up this daunting task for pet owners. Whistle is a GPS tracking device which can be attached to the dog’s collar allowing you to keep a track of your pet from afar. You can also set a definite area and get an alert if your dog leaves the designated area. Once you receive an alert, you can use the companion app to track your pet’s location in real time. Now that’s not all that Whistle offers. You can set health goals for your pet, receive notifications in case of significant changes in their sleep patterns and activities, and record other health-related events like the vaccination and medical details. You can also add other users to your account to keep your family and friends informed.Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Just like other pet-friendly cams, Feed and Go Pet Feeder also allows you to watch your pet remotely. However, its main focus is on dispensing actual meals for your pet. You can connect to the device using your computer or smartphone. You can store wet or dry foods, medicines or treats into six-cup sized feeding trays of this device and schedule regular feeds (or even one-time) whenever you are out of your home. These feeds are stored in the device. So, even if your router is down, you can rest assured that your pet will not starve. Its voice message feature allows you to record your message and schedule it accordingly to let your pet know about the feeding time.  Moreover, you can also monitor your pet’s diet over time with Feed and Go app’s tracker.Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Go-Bone – the Remote-Controlled Dog Bone

Health and entertainment are two activities that this device provides for your dog. All day long stress exhausts you out of energy to take your dog out for a walk or play with it. Thankfully, GoBone, the world’s first smart bone can keep your dog engaged and active while you are at work or even at home. All you need to do is to pop a treat inside and then tap the device. It will spur into action whirring and spinning around the floor. Your dog won’t make out the gadget’s trick, but still want the treat inside. Not only it will get an all-day workout, but also keep it entertained. You can also interact with your dog by taking control of the GoBone through its app anywhere, anytime.


We get many health trackers for humans in the form of wristbands and wireless activity trackers. Now, you also have a similar activity tracker for your dog, and that’s FitBark. You can make your dog wear this gadget around its collar. Whenever it is near a FitBark base station or an authorized smartphone, you can view the dog’s vital health information on your smartphone in real time. The ‘daily health goal’ feature of this device lets your dog remain active and eat timely. FitBark will monitor your dog’s progress and using the activity stats, it will also inform you when your dog is feeling sick.fitbark


Ever heard of a gaming console for pets? CleverPet is actually an electronic gaming console – just for dogs! It has three paw-sized buttons that create puzzles for your dog by lighting up in different ways. On the top of that, its interactive treat dispenser gets your dog playing. The puzzles get harder to stop them getting too fat. The CleverPet mobile app also allows you to check on their progress and the level they’ve achieved. In short, it turns your dog into a cleverer and more intelligent four-pawed creature with a wagging tail.

Have you ever used any pet-friendly gadget? We would love to hear your experiences!

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