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Here Comes a Pokémon Go Mobile Charger

A Precious Addition to your Pokémon hunting kit!

Tired of draining the battery by playing Pokémon go?

Pokémon Go has become famous worldwide and has made Nintendo’s company value beat powerful game companies like Sony. All the over world Pokémon enthusiasts are playing but the only problem that keeps arising is phones battery. Pokémon Go players are facing ten percent battery drop for every 20 minutes of gameplay even on power-saving mode. But no more worries! A seller on Etsy, magicalsuperstore, is offering specially handmade PokéBall-shaped charger.

About Pokéball Charger

This PokeBall charger is actually a portable power bank that comes with a 5300 mAh battery which can charge your exhausted phone three times faster. The Pokéball comes with a USB and a micro-USB port for universal connectivity, including small LEDs to show the charger’s usage. It has a clasp attached for clipping that will give you the full Ash Ketchum’s look.

Pokéball Charger
Pokéball Charger

Cost of Pokéball Charger

The Pokéball power bank comes at $40. San Francisco-based seller, Magicalsuperstore, claims that they carry out worldwide shipping. So anyone can buy it.

Is the Pokémon Go obsession going too far? Express your views in our comments section below.


  • A seller named “magicalsuperstore” builds handmade Pokéball charger and sells on Etsy.
  • Pokéball charger is actually a portable power bank and holds a battery of 5300 mAh.
  • It has a clasp attached for clipping that will give you the full Ash Ketchum’s look.
  • The Pokéball power bank comes to the cost of $40 since they are handmade and shipped worldwide.

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