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Cisco LaunchPad to Help Startups Digitize India Further

LaunchPad to Contribute to Modi’s Startup India Campaign

One more global player has joined the race to help Indian startups grow and contribute to the economy. Cisco LaunchPad is that program, which aims at accelerating new startups and put them on the digital map. For this, Cisco is setting up a campus in Bangalore where the chosen startups will get mentoring and assess to Cisco tech resources.

The Program

The accelerator program is aiming at startups in retail, education, transport, manufacturing and healthcare.The program will help promote digital revolution in India. These startups will be transformed into digital businesses. India is the second largest developer community in the world and till now only the urban middle-class has been touched with digital revolution. Amit Phadnis, President, Engineering and India Site Leader, believes in the power of digital India and wants to reach out to the other two-thirds of the Indian population that still lives in small towns and villages. LaunchPad will encourage new digital ideas and help those ideas in taking flight.

Cisco Launchpad will also provide mentorship in creating digital solutions for a better India. Apart from realizing Modi’s Startup India campaign, Cisco is also involved with state governments to help build the proposed ‘Smart Cities’ project.


  • Cisco LaunchPad is aimed at helping Indian startups apply digital solutions to effectively manage business.
  • It’s also helping Modi’s Startup Indian Initiative grow further.
  • It has set up a campus in Bangalore where they will mentor startups.

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