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Choosing the Best Credit Card for Your Lifestyle

Most credit cards have unique features that may benefit different individuals. While credit card use can help your credit, rewards and bonuses can benefit your lifestyle. Before applying for a new credit card, find out about interest rates, annual fees, and rewards. Not all rewards benefit everyone. Travel points, for example, may be useless if you stay home most of the time. You may, however, benefit from cell phone insurance or cash back rewards. A credit card that fits your lifestyle can help you save money.

Daily Habits

When applying for a new credit card, think about where you spend money daily. You may eat out a lot on work days, for example. You may also spend a lot on groceries if you have a large family. The Chase Freedom Flex card offers 5% cash back on a variety of grocery purchases. If you travel often, plenty of credit card companies have a travel points program. These points may help with hotels, airfare, and rental cars.

Your Balance

Check for fees before you apply for a credit card, as well. You may notice high interest rates and annual interest rates on many credit cards. Most companies add the first annual fee to your balance immediately. This also raises your balance once each year. With good credit, you should get approved for a card with no annual fee. If you must take a card with an annual fee, make sure you know what month it gets added each year. If your balance is high, the annual fee can push it over the limit, resulting in overlimit fees.


Determine your budget before getting a credit card. A credit card should boost your credit when used properly. If you must use your credit card for an emergency, pay down the balance as soon as possible to reduce your interest charges and avoid late fees. If you do not plan to pay off the entire balance each month, look for a card with low interest rates to avoid going over your monthly budget. For a credit card to help your credit, you need to use it each month and pay most of the balance each month, as well. A credit card can enhance your budget if you get cash back rewards and bonuses that save you money.

Take the time to read through the fine print on each credit card you plan to apply for. Credit card companies put an inquiry mark on your credit each time you apply for a new card. Try to avoid applying for too many at once by finding the one that best fits your lifestyle, first. You can often find credit cards with no annual fee, low interest rates, and rewards programs. Look for rewards and bonuses that compliment your spending habits. You may get vouchers or discounts at specific restaurants or travel points for airfare, for example. With a little research, you can find a credit card to both improve your credit and your budget.


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