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Devendra Rane and Varun Dua: Revolutionizing Insurance with Coverfox In the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Devendra Rane and Varun Dua, two visionary entrepreneurs, set out to reshape the insurance landscape in India. They co-founded Coverfox Insurance in 2013, an insurtech company that offers simple online insurance brokerage services. Their

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Revolutionizing Financial Services with True Balance In the bustling city of Gurgaon, Haryana, three visionary entrepreneurs, Cheolwon Lee, Jay Yi, and Martin Lee, set out to reshape the financial services landscape in India. Their brainchild, True Balance, emerged in 2014 as a pioneering digital wallet platform that enables users to

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Revolutionizing Insurance with Turtlemint In the bustling city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, three enterprising entrepreneurs—Anand Prabhudesai, Dhirendra Mahyavanshi, and Kunal Shah—set out to transform the way people access and understand insurance. They are the founders of Turtlemint, an insurtech platform that simplifies the process of finding and purchasing the right insurance

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