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Cardiff University Developed Wearable Glucose Monitor

A qualified team of researchers in Cardiif University has developed a portable device to instantly detect blood sugar level. Patients do not require pricking needle on the finger to provide blood sample for Diabetes test.

Patients suffering from Type-2 Diabetes, constantly require monitoring blood sugar level. The traditional method is to use a Glucose Monitor that requires blood sample to measure accurate blood sugar level. Patients with high diabetes require regular monitoring the sugar levels by pricking the needle for around 4 to 5 times a day which becomes quite painful.

A group of researchers led by Professor Adrian Porch and Dr. Heungjae Choi at Cardiff University are working on a wearable device that can determine blood sugar levels through microwave. Completely safe to use, this technology is under development and will take the time to reach the masses. In an attempt to eliminate the use of needles, the device will give a new pain-free way to manage diabetes.

The main idea behind developing such a state-of-the-art device is to simplify the sugar level check that syncs data with the smartphone connected via Bluetooth. Patients can also get the same data on a PC. The vision behind developing the device is not only to eradicate the painful way of drawing blood samples, but to ease data visual with the help of a quite researched technology. Final version is yet to come out and according to a press release, it is going to take next 5 years to release the product. Wellcome Trust has funded £1m for the project and it is still under trails.


  • No more blood samples to test Diabetes. Researchers at Cardiff University are working on a device that senses the blood sugar level through microwave.
  • The device is under clinical trials and would take next 5 years to reach the masses.
  • The device checks for blood sugar and sends data to a smartphone or PC.

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