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Can Futuristic Self Driving Taxi’s substitute drivers permanently?

Recently GM & Lyft has planned to test driverless electric taxis in San Francisco.Driverless Cars technology has not been responsible enough to promise a safe travelling.

Driverless cars are a part of futuristic transport. Many companies are testing to bring this technology to masses. This technology is not yet trust worthy for a 100% safe transporation. To take a step ahead, General Motors and Lyft are planning up to test a driverless taxi. A self sustained model to run taxis on auto-pilot.  They are in the process to test this for a year to finalize that it is safe for travelers.  The technology will re-shape the taxi service by offering higher accuracy in transport. On the contrary, impact will be on the employment, if this technology is successful.

Lyft has raised $1 Billion in Series F funding round led by General Motors, held last year. Recently General Motors invested $1 Billion in a startup called Cruise that develops an auto-pilot car system. Looking into the scenario, it is clear that the company is planning to step into the driverless taxi sector. News sources reveal that we will be able to see this service active in year 2017.

Driverless Taxi is an electric vehicle as first reported by WSJ to reduce carbon emission, reducing the impact on the environment. A smart automation system that can offer safe travelling with maximum comfort is said to be the need of the hour. Driving usually relies on the driver’s abilities to stay on the road. An automated system has to be smart enough to understand the road infrastructure, moving objects, and channelizing movement with existing vehicles on the road. Only future will tell how and if this technology will put to use.


  • General Motors & Lyft to test Driverless Taxis and introduce a new service in coming years.
  • Only electric vehicles to be used in Driverless Taxi.
  • Last year Lyft raised $1Billion participated by General Motors as a lead investor.

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