Can Agro Startups Really Help The Indian Agricultural Scenario?

Agriculture has always been the backbone of the Indian economy. Agriculture contributes to 16 percent of the GDPand provides employment to more than half of the population. In spite of such facts, Indian agriculture remains one of the highly unorganized and fragmented sectors.

When compared to global markets, there seems to exist a yield gap between what is produced in the country and that produced by peers. Given that India is largely agrarian, it certainly makes sense for the country to promote agro startups as this will enable them to render better benefits from the fruits of their soil.

The agricultural industry in India faces a plethora of problems. From poor quality of seeds; low rainfall; irrigation problems; over-dependence on crops like wheat and rice; obsolete technology; poor storage infrastructure; lack of skilled labour; unorganized retail to lack of marketing understanding— the problems are manifold. However, with the rise of agro startups, the agricultural industry may get the necessary boost.

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These startups can certainly help farmers by providing them with market analysis and teaching them how to position their agricultural products and distribute them effectively. Similarly, agro startups that focus on business counselling and guidance can provide farmers with information regarding plant breeding, agronomy, horticulture and animal husbandry which would, in turn, improve productivity. At the same time, startups could also help in better understanding of crop patterns and in promoting the growth of different varieties of crops which will improve the performance of the local markets and, in turn, bring in good business for farmers.

Agro Startups That Are Paving The Way For A Better Futureagro-startups

Agro startups are not just researching more into the trends of agriculture and rainfall pattern in the country but are also developing apps that help farmers boost production. As Mark Kahn, founding partner of Omnivore Partners, an agriculture technology-focused fund said, “Very often, it is not whether the technology is available. The problem is whether there are India-specific solutions.”

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This is what these agro startups are working to address and many have already been able to come up with India-specific solutions to the ailing agricultural scene in the country. Some of this include:

Greeno Tech Solutions


This IT-based startup has come out with an app called Rainbow that helps farmers to connect with communities and have direct communications with them while at the same time, allowing buyers to get in touch with farmers and vendors by removing the need for a middle man. The reason this innovation is so effective is because one of the main problems that the agro-industry faces is exploitation by middle men that promotes gaps in the supply chain.

Barrix Agro SciencesBarrixAgrostartups

India’s population is expected to reach 1.6 billion by 2050. Each year, millions of worth of crop are lost due to pests. Hence, farmers use chemical pesticides to overcome the pest problem. This Bangalore-based startup is working to tackle the problem of crop loss and chemical pesticides. It provides farmers with eco-friendly products such as organic fly trap systems, pest control, and adhesive sticker sheets that reduce the loss and damage to the crop from chemical fertilizers.

Mandi Trades


Developed by Farmobi Technologies, it is an initiative that will benefit farmers immensely as it focuses on providing direct access to information about commodity prices directly from the government of India. Through this app, farmers can post details of their crop and quote their prices, while buyers and traders can source crops available in the locality.

As Thomas Hyland, founder of the SONG fund said, “”For a country of India’s size, there are not enough startups that focus on technologies that address the lower middle class and bottom-of-pyramid solutions.”

However, with the rise of agriculture-based startups in the country, where each is addressing a different aspect of agriculture, India is definitely on the right path.

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