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unfold offers a centralized platform for IT engineers to deploy updates on autopilot came into existence when a software engineer Aaditya Sood found his wife struggling with software updates. The platform provides engineers a centralized location to deploy updates without worrying connectivity and failure. It is a paid service but provides 50nodes free for testing purpose. IT Engineers can contact a 24×7 technical support in case of any issue.

The service is available for paid and free plan. is designed to offer control and manage repetitive work. Compared to Enterprise who has their own team to manage deployment, can be useful to many, who cannot handle the cost. The four primary aspect of this platform is Automation, Lifecycle, Management, Governance and Cost control.

A single infrastructure to manage a verity of things without in need to be in office. The platform works through applications models and has auto-compiled workflow. Software engineers do not require to work from scratch here and worry about failures. Once the task is assigned it would be pretty easier for any to control and manage it from different location. Repetitive task can work on auto-pilot mode.

There is no need to manually interfere or worry about failure. can help companies to overcome manual work procedure that will save time and will also be cost effective. The platform aims in simplifying the auto software upgrade procedure that requires skills and efforts.


  • io provides online platform for software engineers to easily deploy software updates.
  • It has a free service and paid. The free platform offers 50 nodes with 24×7 technical supports.


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