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California-based Startup unveils Power Nap Sleeping Pod

On the go power nap!

 Importance of Powernap

Power nap is important for refreshing your mind, thus contributing higher productivity. Few companies allow their employees to take a power nap in the day time for improved work flow, increased creativity, boosted concentration and higher productivity. Similarly, it can help students also who feel fatigued during the day time. Powernap curbs incomplete sleep issues and hence, reduces health problems.

About Nappify

Founded by Kevin Pham in the year 2014, California- based startup Nappify unveils a movable pod for a quick nap to overcome the inadequate sleep issues. It can be used by companies and colleges, whoever is looking forward to take a powernap. Nappify is a small container type sleeping pod. Loaded with required services, it can hold upto 4 people at a time for a short sleep. It is built with maximum comfort. The users have to pay around $7 or $13 on the basis of nap sessions. Nappify also takes care of cleanliness by replacing the bed sheet and pillow cover after each session.

Initially, Nappify was crowdfunded $100,000 by Pham’s friends and relatives since the concept seemed impressive. The mobile model eradicates the problem of space. It can be easily moved to different places near offices. The pods are soundproof and airconditioned. It features folding tables and reading lights. Food is strictly prohibited.

Currently, Nappify just has one trailer. Gradually, it plans to grow its business, both internally and with outside investors.


  • Nappify is a California-based startup that brings portable sleeping pods for power nap during the day time.
  • The startup emphasize on small nap sessions that can curb work fatigue, increase focus and productivity.

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