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Buddybuild, A Cloud-based Startup Raises Funding

Buddy build is a cloud service-based company that provides services for building, deploying, testing and other services for mobile apps. The company has managed to raise a fund of 1.2 million dollars. Along with this, the company also announced its new improvisations by which it has now extended its services to Android apps as well. Initially, it was an exclusive iOS service company.

More about Buddy build

The company does not just provide cloud-based services but also continuous integration, deploying for beta testers, continuous delivery testing, analytics, fixing crashes, and much more. They have also developed services where the users can send feedback on builds with relevant screenshots. The company founded last year, started with just nine employees. Today, around thousand companies use the service of Buddy build. At present, the services are free, and the revised charges will be released later during this year

There might arise the question about if there is a long-term scope for a business model like this, because ideally nobody would need such services after the app has been installed. However, that is not the case here. People do come back to Buddy build as they constantly build new apps. The new funds will be focused on developing the app tools. “You need these things strung together in a seamless solution so you don’t have to together all those things yourself, manage it, and maintain it,” said Dennis Pilarinos, a former leader at Microsoft and Manager at Amazon.


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