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Britain gets the Support of Startups to Remain in EU

U.K’s Prime Minister David Cameron formally announced the date of referendum on whether Britain should be a part of the European Union, following months of speculation and re-negotiation of terms of membership, which had received a lot of media coverage.

The European Union, which is widely popular as EU is made up of 28 European countries who are involved in economic partnership. It is the platform for the ‘single market’, which facilitates free trade across the member states of the union.

EU has its own parliament which regulates policy across a long list of areas. Environment, transportation, consumer issues etc. are all included in this spectrum. It also looks into policies regarding tech startups and other tech giants.

At present UK’s position as a leading tech hub in Europe and outside is under speculation. The voters of Britain would be asked if the country should remain a part of the EU on 23rd June. David Cameron will be billing the vote, and he hopes that the country will remain an EU member.

Britain is being backed up strongly by the UK tech- startup community, which includes founders, employees as well as investors, to remain in the union. The survey conducted by Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) throws more light the situation. Coadec hosted the survey to grasp a better idea of the opinion of UK’s digital startups. It seems that 81 % of the respondents feel that Britain should remain a part of the EU.

Guy Levin, the Executive director of Coadec feels that this is the collective opinion of UK’s digital startup, though the survey was not very huge.


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