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Right from our birth, we all have been creative by nature, filled with tons of creativity. Our brains develop new ideas every second. In spite of being such an innovative force, sadly; many brilliant ideas are out there that never get to see the light of the day. That happens mainly because people lack knowledge, time or the energy to pursue their dream idea. Despite barriers in the start, It seems only reasonable to check the global market potential of the products early.

Inventors, no more have to scratch their heads worrying. A Slovenia-based startup is here to help you.

About the startup Invented4

Founded in 2015, is a crowdsourcing platform where idea owners can check the global market potential for their ideas. Thus, they can and realize product idea without any financial input or public disclosure of the idea. This is a unique business model, supported by their knowledge, great connections and experience. As the world needs such startups like theirs, Invented4 strives to establish a link between the companies that hunt for great ideas and creative individuals who lack the means or knowledge to bring their inventions to life. Their mission is simple, i.e. to develop numerous ideas into smart products that will add more value, ease and creativity to our everyday lives.

For Inventors

What have you to do in order to be helped?

  • Submit a sketch, a prototype or a finished product.
  • Align and sign the mutual agreement.
  • Enter development process.

You can now leave the sales and marketing activities to Invented4.For a detailed explanation, visit here.

Being a crowdsourcing platform, where inventors can easily cash in their product idea without any financial input or public disclosure. All you need is an idea. You get to invent cool stuff. Invented4 takes care of the rest. This short video below, speaks for itself.

As understood above, hates to see great ideas go waste. So they make sure all of the submitted designs which fail to be selected, end up in their Idea Warehouse. Hence, it would constantly be visible to potential buyers. This way their chance of being noticed and picked out always remains open. All you need is to just sign up with the startup. Click here.

At the same time, there’s another platform for you inventors, that’ It is a leading inventor service firm.Founded in 1984, headquartered in the US, this company submits its client’s inventions, products or ideas to industry.

So, Friends, did you come across any such innovative idea which you had taken grantederlier? Do let us know. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below:

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