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“Boom” a Startup to build affordable Supersonic Plane travel


Boom Startup is working on Super Sonic passenger planes at an affordable price of $5000

Time is Money. A maxim that is still 100% accurate as it was before. Just imagine an affordable supersonic plane service that can reduce your travelling time from days to hours and from hours to minutes. Supersonic is a term when a carrier passes the speed of sound. Military Jet planes own such speed.

But now a Startup called as Boom is working on affordable planes that can reach Super Sonic speed. The cost is around $5000 for a trip. Concorde was the company before that was into the service of supersonic plane transportation. It is retired now. Bringing the era back, Boom is a new startup that aims to build up an affordable supersonic passenger plane. Having a high-speed travel solution will let many businesses to grow and perform well. Travel is one of the most time-consuming processes.  Reaching from part of the globe to another is a day’s journey. And it is also costly.

But travelling in the supersonic plane will reduce the time much lower. Boom is in the process to build a passenger plane that can reach the 2.2x speed of sound. It will take just 3.5hours to reach from New York to London, compared to more than 6 hours journey today. Many long distance flights connect major cities around the globe. Long flight time is not only costly but also delays business operation. Technology still today helps to reduce the impact on business, but at some point reaching personally to the location matters. Having affordable supersonic plane service will also help a lot of tourists to reduce their travelling time. This will also boost transportation.


  • Boom raised $2 million from Silicon Valley to work on Super Sonic plane prototype
  • The startup is working on its first prototype that will reach the 2.2x speed of sound.
  • This can reduce travel time between New York to London from 5-6 hours to 3.5 hours.

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