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What Books Should A Millennial Read For Thriving Success?

The Y Generation also known as millennial is the future of all growing business. This generations also value family, community, and creativity in their work. Most of us have wrong impression that these generations are exploited by social networks and communities but they do play vital role in it. Millennials are also considered exceptional multitaskers although scientists say that multitasking is a myth. They switch tasks so speedily that almost seemsms they are doing multiple tasks single handedly.

As per the reports, it is found that 39 percent of the millennials have worked in a startup, 30 percent own their small business and 26 percent are able to live off their business. Other millennials who wish to start their own venture are even planning to quit their day job to do so. They need to be knowledgeable, passionate and should be able to call right decisions. Here are some books that every millennials should read before starting their own business.

  1. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This one of the classic self help book for any budding entrepreneur. Being successful is not only related to your business, it is all about your mindset. Even if you have potential to make it big unless you believe in yourself, you can’t achieve success. The author has included some interviews of famous businessmen of 20th Century. Hill also has stated 13 principles which will help anyone to become successful in any aspect of life.

  1. Dot Com Secrets – Russell Brunsun

Doing traditional way of sales is great way but if one needs to successful in today’s age then he or she should also know latest online marketing’s tactics. One should never neglect online opportunities as it would be help to make lot of money.  Russell in this book explains how online sales funnel work and strategies like up sells, mailing everyday and using different points of contact for digital products. If anyone who wants to increase their digital sales then this book can come handy for them.

  1. Book Yourself Solid – Michael Port

This book is known as sales book for business based on services. It talks all basic necessities of sales like making phone calls to closing sale. In today’s world where every millennials knows about digital sales, it is good thing to about basic sales. The verbal and written exercises help one to develop a strong marketing plan and brand image.

  1. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

Everyone who wants to know about startups and entrepreneurship should read “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. The book speaks about scientific approaches to grown your business from the foundation. The first step toward building business is by asking the right question. Later then, you have to find the solutions for it and which can be tested. Startups can examine their vision without entering full forcedly into market.

  1. Expert Secrets – Russell Brunsun

It is another expertise book by Russell Brunsun. This book is also very straight to the point, with various practical steps for millennial. How should approach themselves as an industry leader and that too in online retail space. It also speaks what are the ways to standout in the overcrowded market place. Every young millennial should read this one, if they are ought to make themselves as a leader.

What do you think about these self helping books for budding entrepreneurs and millennials ? Do let us know what you think. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below:

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