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Why Blogging is important for your Startup?

Blogging is a key step for marketing your startup. It’s never too late to start writing blogs!

There are innumerable websites floating on the internet. It is challenging for any startup to standout amongst these bunch of portals. Regularly blogging is one of the best ways that can make your startup visible in the industry. It is a misconception that blogging is rocket-science that can be only done when you have a good hold on the language. Plus, it is considered to be a waste of time by some entrepreneurs. However, if you know your product and target audience well, you can easily do it. Find out why blogging is very important-

  • Improves Ranking: Updating content on regular basis plays a key role in search engine optimization. Posting new content on the internet can be done via blogging. If you write blogs on industry’s website or get syndicated to popular sites, your visibility will scale up.
  • Get Feedback: The comment option helps you to get feedback. In that way, you can work on your product, service or idea.
  • Finding investors: Believe it or not, through blogging, your hunt for investors becomes easy. The reach of blogs is much broader and powerful than traditional methods of networking. Ensure that you represent your idea on your blog. Investors are interested in the idea rather than the founder of the startup.
  • Building followers: Via blogging, you can make a strong customer base. If your writing skills are really good, you may get readers who love following your content.
  • Helps in social media marketing: You need to promote blogs. The best way to promote them is using social media like Facebook and Twitter. With this, you also get to be visible in the digital market.
  • An alternate income: Blogging can also fetch you revenue if you have excellent ranking on the internet. You can make it as an alternate source of income.

So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging today.


  • Blogging is a key step for marketing your startup.
  • It improves search engine ranking, finds investors, helps in social media marketing as well as can act as an alternate source of income.
  • You can also form a strong customer base and get feedback from these customers.

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