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Bitt Blockchain Crypto currency startup raised $4millino in Series A funding

Bitt raised $4 million in the series A funding by The startup aim in simplifying bitcoin usage and hassle free payment.

Bitt Inc is a blockchain crypto currency startup that recently raised $4 million from Series A funding. Startup was founded this year provides crypto currency solution for digital asset exchange. The startup is trying to build up a transparent service for new emerging platform. It raised money from

Digital crypto currency helps to smooth business on high trading platform. Digital currency is secure and scalable. It let users to transfer funds through technology without wasting much time. Having a highly secure banking platform with simplistic usage is a significant choice behind using Bitt.

Till yet such crypto currency is not openly accepted by other countries around the globe. But in future this would change the way currency operates on the digital platform. Having highly secure platform matters a lot wherever money is involved. The startup raised $4million in the series A funding backed by

The startup aim’s in adding more simplicity on the platform so that end users can have maximum transparency on the same. Called as the Barbadian Digital Dollar, the currency can be used by anyone and transferrable. Users can send the same through their Smartphone. Ecommerce platform that accept this type of payment methods will also let consumer to pay instantly. Bitt act as a point where digital currency exchange from Bitcoin to US dollar can be purchased or sold.


  • Bitt is a first digital currency startup that value Barbadian digital dollar to Us dollar issues by the Central Bank of Barbados.
  • The startup aim in adding maximum transparency, simple usage and easy transfer on the digital platform.

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