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Biometric Startups become Future of Technology

Have you seen the recent Samsung mobile ad? Iris Scanner sounds interesting and futuristic. Well that’s what future is about, biometrics, Artificial Intelligence and what not. Biometrics is used for the identification of physical and behavioural characteristics of an individual. This technology used for measuring the unique physical behaviour and also for providing access control to the person. In India, biometric is being used for various applications such as time and attendance of employees in the companies, mobile biometrics, ATM with fingerprint recognition. Airports in India may soon have Biometric Security Checks.

There are startups who are leading biometric in India. They are:

  1. CodeClouder:

It may seem a bit funny to hear something like “Wink Your Eye. Viral App Created.” However, it is true and proved by CodeClouder. It is the latest technology brought in by the creator of, the #1 crowd sourced app development platform.

  1. FingPay:

FingPay has been founded in 2016 by Anuraag Agarwal and Pratyush Halen. Introduced by Tapits Technology, it allows customers to shop without money. The thought behind FingPay is to make payments without card, cash or mobile. The account holder can make payments using biometrics – A biometric POS device is provided by the company. FingPay makes transactions convenient, simple and secure.

  1. Signzy:

Ankit Ratan, Arpit Ratan and Ankur Pandey – A team of serial entrepreneurs from IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur founded this biometric startup in Bangalore in 2015. Background checking, forgery detection and contract management system is all provided by Signzy.

  1. Uniphore:

It is a biometric for voice recognition, which focuses on transforming the customer serviceby drawing the strength of natural speech. It ensures user authentication using unique voice-prints of each individuals and compares it with the voice-print which exists in the database. It authenticates the user in less than 15 minutes using their unique voice-prints.

  1. SecurAX:

In 2012, Face recognition biometrics was established by the startup SecurAX. The goal of the startup is using biometrics and cloud solution to remove fixed costs and to reduce the operational overheads. Both fingerprint and facial recognition functions are provided by SecurAX.

  1. OneFaceIn:

By replacing your existing password, OneFaceIn, a password manager, recognizes the biometric, voice and face. The OneFaceIn simplifies and secures the password. User’s unique face, voice and synced device are recognized in OneFaceIn authentication.

What are your thoughts about biometric authentication? Let us know your thoughts by sharing it in the comment section given below.
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