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Best Social Media Management tools every startup or business can use

Social Media provides easy and valuable penetration to products and services. A startup can effectively utilize and make the work process easier through social media management tools.

Social media is now rendered a good platform for startup businesses to generate response from among its consumers, and broadening its horizon. We at Startup Buzz enlist some social media management tools every startup or an established company can use.

TweetDeck is a tool for Twitter that helps in management of several Twitter accounts. It was a platform created by Twitter itself. This social media tool introduced integration with several other social media websites other than Twitter, like Facebook and LinkedIn, but later limited itself to Twitter only. It is an extremely effective tool, helps enlist searches and discussions one needs to follow. It also helps in monitoring. It has a lucid interface that is, understandable and easy to use. It also allows having one view to multiple accounts that media managers handle. Moreover, it allows easier engagement on the social media platform for users. TweetDeck had also launched mobile applications , but has recently shut them down to focus on developing the desktop and the web version.

HootSuite is another social media management platform created in 2008. It is based in Canada. It is a platform that essentially revolves around developing a brand out of a product. Companies like Facebook, HBO, Virgin Group and Panasonic are some of the clients. It  essentially offers a dashboard like tool to help ‘enagage, listen, collaborate’.  It also offers analytical analysis and reports to its clients. Hootsuite also offers a free plan program for social media management for commencement.

Buffer describes itself as a social media scheduling program for software. This helps manage content across all of one’s media websites. It offers a ‘queue’ one can fill with content that needs to be published across social media websites and assign time for posting it too. Boasts of extremely efficient scheduling mechanisms and its functioning is very content-based. This media management blog now serves almost two million people with its operations every day. It helps saves time on social media sharing, by connecting the content that is distributed across all accounts.

Facebook Insights – Almost every startup company has a Facebook ‘fan’ page. It is the easiest way to communicate with its customers today. So what does one do to effectively manage such pages? Facebook Insights is a response to the same. It helps analyze exactly who engages with or seeks to engage with your company. The kind of people who exhibit interest in your product and helps build upon the same. It examines a vast range of data which includes ‘likes’ and the feedback that the posts have generated. It offers an overview as well as detailed analysis and graphs of page likes/responses.


  • Social Media is a huge platform with high penetration level. Social Media can be a hectic task and can require a team. But new social media management tools can make the process easy.
  • Tools like TweetDeck, HootSuite and Buffer are easy to use desktop based platform. A social media manager can use the tool to market content on the web.

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