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Best mind game Apps for Entrepreneurs to play

Mastering mind to master at business!

Do you experience forgetfulness at work, or you’re unable to stay focused for long stretches of time? Is your mind gets often distracted? If so then you may want to give brain games a try.

By the way, who doesn’t love games? And playing Brain games are popular way people use these days to form better habits, improve memory or streamline decision making process.

Besides, owning business is really challenging task. Be it processing information or dealing with money, you need to be accurate. Or else, switching between tasks dividing equal amount of attention, you need to be really quick and efficient. So, brain games are ideal for business owners.

To master your business, you need to master your mind. Hence, four games are listed below to sharpen cognitive skills to lead you towards successful entrepreneurship.

  1. Elevate – Brain training

To improve attention, communication skills, processing speed, memory, math skills and more there is a brain training program designed. Here, each individual is trained with his/her own specialized training program which results maximized over time.

It is designed to boost up the productivity, earning power as well as the self-confidence. As much as you train yourself with the Elevate, the much more you will make a bettercritical cognitive skill in you. People reported that they have increased confidence and gained much more by training at least 3 times per week.


  • More than 40 brain games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension.
  • Detailed performance tracking.
  • Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most.
  • Ensure that your experience is challenging from adaptive difficulty progression.
  • Track your streaks and stay motivated using calendar.

Download here

2.      Memorado – Games

The leading gym for the mind is now known as Memorado – it provides fun, personalized workouts which can gear towards boosting the memory, concentration and reaction skills. There are across 450 levels in 15 games based on neuroscience (among which you can choose any thing) designed to sharper you every day!


  • Lets you challenge your friends to find out who’s smartest in their all-new Brain Duel.
  • Personalize daily workouts according to your preferences.
  • Memory, Logic, Concentration, Reaction and Speed are the 5 key brain areas which are trained across 450 fun levels in 15 games.
  • Stunning graphics combined with easy usability.
  • There are regular scientific tests which show your brain’s fitness levels & progress.
  • Statistics to show your strengths and potential for improvement.
  • Boost skills essential for real life such as mathematics, problem solving and logic.

Download here

3.      Neuronation – Brain training

This app improves your brain effectively with its professional brain games. You can create a personal workout plan for your brain and see the change in your performance.

NeuroNation brain training helps :

  • Improve your attention
  • Increase your intelligence and
  • Make faster decisions
  • Strengthen your memory

You can also Track your progress and compare yourself with members and friends.

Download here

4.      Peak – Brain

Peak is a neuroscience-based game. It makes brain training fun and rewarding. The app was designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, cognitive science and education.The Brain Training App helps you track and challenge your cognitive skills.


  • Your Memory,Mental Agility, Problem Solving, Attention, Problem Solving, Language, Coordination, Creativity and Emotion Control can be challenged in free games.
  • Learn the categories in which you outstand, and by knowing your brain map and game performance you can compete with friends.
  • To help you track your progress and improve you will meet the personal trainer for your brain, The Coach.
  • Works offline so you can enjoy Peak games wherever you are.
  • More than 35 games available and regular updates to keep you challenged.
  • Get personalized workouts and in-depth insights with Peak Pro.

Download here

What do you benefit playing each of the above games?

  • You overcome short-term memory loss
  • You sharpen your mind and
  • Get your thinking speed increased

Reading so far, you might have learned that your brain performance is right in your hands. So, train your brain with the scientifically developed exercises. Try it out and let us know!

Do share your experiences in the comments section below:

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