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Bengaluru- based Startup HealthPlix Is Revolutionizing Treatment Process For Diabetic Patients.

All Ease for Diabetic Patients!!!

What is HealthPlix?

Now days, technology is revolutionizing the healthcare sector and day-by-day startups are introducing new apps, which help patients in better treatment and healthcare. Bengaluru-based startup, HealthPlix, is one of such company that targets diabetic patients for better treatment process. The current team size of company consists of nine members and they already have more than 1200 registered patients for treatment process.

How it is different from other Healthcare app?

Even for the patients with same blood group, the level of diabetes varies from person to person. The treatment process varies on the insulin deficiency and resistance of certain patients. In order to overcome this problem, doctors should treat patients according to their diabetes levels. The startup uses technology to run the doctor-patient interactions smoothly and efficiently. With close monitoring and management, HealthPlix ensures proper focus on doctors as well as their patients.

What are its future plans?

The company developed because of Raghuraj‘s disappointment towards chronic problem treatment. Raghuraj Sunder Raju, CEO & Founder, wants to revamp the healthcare system of India. Whenever a patient comes to a doctor by using this app, HealthPlix charges a certain amount to the doctor. As of this year, the company has 33 doctors onboard and is planning to hire450 more doctors and expand to cities like Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi.By October 2015, the company has already secured angel funding of Rs 1.6 crore.

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  • Bengaluru-based startup, HealthPlix, is helping diabetic patients by offering better treatment process.
  • The current team size consists of nine members and more than 1200 registered patients for treatment process.
  • It has already secured angel funding of Rs 106 crore in October 2015.
  • It is planning to bring onboard 450 more doctors and stretch out to cities like Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi.

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