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Backup your Smartphone while charging through Meem

Phone Backup on the go !

We are lazy in taking backups. The issue arises when you lose your phone or when it stops working. All your contacts, videos, pictures are gone forever. Another way is to sync cloud apps for auto-backup. However, that demands internet connection. UK-based startup came out with a pretty unique idea for phone backup. Regular way of backup is by using a pc or app, but what about a device that backup your phone data when you charge it.

That is possible by a simple charging cable that has a integrated device to copy and save files. Called as Meem, it works well with various mobile phone including Android and iOS. Video above shows how it works. Meem looks like a charging cable, but has a 16/32 GB storage device. After connecting it with phone, Meem Mirror app helps you to set a 4 digit pass code. Once configured, the next time when you put your phone on charging, you have to provide the PIN to start  the backup.

Having a dedicated backup support for Smartphone is helpful. It backups Calendar, Contacts, Messages, Videos and Photos. Meem costs around Euro 49.99 for 16 GB version and Euro 74.99 for 32 GB.


  • Meem is a ready to use backup device for Smartphone’s. It charges plus takes backup of data from the device.
  • Meem is easy to use and works with various Android and iOS devices.

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