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‘Backbone’, a device that helps you improve your bad body posture.

Backbone is one of the Kickstarter funded projects. It is a device embedded inside a wearable shoulder belt. The device connects with your Smartphone through an app and reports bad posture.

People sit for hours at work, which are now causing many physical complexities like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels etc. Sitting in a bad posture contributes more to these problems. People actually don’t pay much attention on the body posture they are sitting in. Sitting in improper posture can cause adverse effects on one’s body. Bad posture can also cause headache, shoulder or back pain, gastrointestinal pains, etc. Bad posture can be improved by certain exercises, but finding time for the same is not always feasible.

So to constantly alert on your bad posture, a device synced with your Smartphone is an easier way out. Backbone is a smart wearable device inside a shoulder belt, which tracks the posture and sends data to an app. You get a visual representation of a bad posture that is not good for your health. The app can notify you by vibrating.

Backbone is easy to use and can improve your posture while walking, doing exercise or working. It is a device that cares about the spinal cord, reducing its wear and tear by notifying you on time. It is easy to use and can be used at work or at home. Backbone trains your body to sit or walk straight. This is how it notifies you to sit properly:



  • Backbone is a smart shoulder belt that notifies bad posture.
  • A dedicated app that offers updates and notification on body posture.

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