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Augmented Reality Holi Experience with MaskUp !

Holi Selfie with AR, a recent Invention by Ex-Googlers Jeyashankar and Pradnya

Experience a colorful Holi 2017 with a new app called MaskUp giving you a magical augmented reality experience!

Developed by ex-Google engineers; Jeyashankher Ramamirtham and Pradnya Karbhari; MaskUp is built on powerful technology that combines Computer Vision, Graphics and 3D Modelling to deliver a magical experience.

Their unique Holi experience showcases the magic of its technology. Just tap on the screen and it will create a realistic experience of playing with various colours. As a bonus you do not have to scrub these colours down. As soon as you open the app, MaskUp will instantly transport you to a whole new world of wonderful scenes!

No need to signup. No need of adding connections like most other mobile applications, you can start using MaskUp immediately as soon as you install this app. MaskUp saves your photos and videos directly to your gallery, so you can share it easily with your friends and family on any social network or messenger.

If you are looking for a great new face filter, MaskUp is the perfect app for you. With MaskUp you can record an awesome selfie video with an enchanted forest around you. Or maybe click a selfie photo with a turban and moustache or a crown on your face. Or perhaps record yourself in a disco. You can try out the cool new glasses animation. Similarly, a lot more content MaskUp has in store for you. Allit requires you to just download this app on your phone; being available for iOS as well as android.

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MaskUp places you in the middle of cool 3D scenes in the comfort of your home. So you can have fun with all the fun filters and face masks on this app. Al credit goes to its founders or the real brain behind.

Jeyashankar and Pradnya, the masterminds behind MaskUp; Known for their works on mobile video technology; have developed two other interesting apps besides MaskUp. One called Makesto and the other called ClipAwesome. Makesto is an Ipad app that allows children to create animated videos using their own doodles, animations and voice whereas; ClipAwesome is a mobile app that allows users to curate videos from events and occasions as a video channel.

So guys do enjoy MaskUp and let us know your experiences using this app. Please share them in the comments section below:

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